Thank God they're not using those mobile biometric scanners on us, the American People... they only use that stuff on Iraqis, right? Whew, thank the good Lord, it can never happen here... right?

BI2 Technologies will release its Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System (MORIS) in November. The company has already pre-released several units for testing and has received encouraging feedback. “It’s a major advance in terms of having multimodal capability, iris, facial and fingerprint on one device that’s as ubiquitous and easy to use as any cell phone in the nation,” says Sean Mullin, president and CEO of BI2 Technologies.

Mullin says the device will be popular because it will protect existing law enforcement investments. “The fingerprint scanner is a FIPS 201 and FBI compliant and should be able to integrate with any FIPS and AFIS compliant system. The facial recognition system can take advantage of legacy investments in mugshots that are already there.”

BI2 Technologies is also looking at how its products can play in the federal marketplace outside of law enforcement. “There’s quite a bit of activity now for us in the Department of Defense, some of the intelligence agencies and absolutely in the law enforcement agencies at the federal level,” Mullin says.