File under, Disgusting: What human being on Earth would want to be subjected to this treatment? This is Man's inhumanity to Man. Treating people like cattle will not win hearts and minds...

The young man reluctantly proffered his eyeballs and fingertips to an American soldier wielding a hi-tech box resembling an outsize digital camera.

As the machine slowly gathered his biometric details, the man looked increasingly ill at ease. Was it because his herd of goats had started to wander off? Or because the device was revealing that he was in some way mixed up with the insurgency?

With each iris and fingertip scanned, the device gave the operator a steadily rising percentage chance that the goat herder was on an electronic "watch list" of suspects. Although it never reached 100%, it was enough for the man to be taken to the nearest US outpost for interrogation...

"The scanner says to take you into custody. The scanner cannot lie..."