Monday, October 10, 2005

Meet The New B.O.S.S.
"The BOSS is a unique, fast, non-intrusive, inexpensive, high sensitivity detector designed to detect metal objects hidden in body cavities. It is commonly used in prisons, detention centres, customs and border patrol facilities, precious metal mines and refineries, coin counting facilities, jewellery and watch manufacturing and computer component manufacturing. BOSS has undergone extensive testing at US State and Federal Corrections facilities.

In corrections facilities it is used to scan inmates for weapons and contraband objects hidden in body cavities. At some sites visitors are also screened. Typical objects being targeted are razor blades, handcuff keys, paper clips, knives, shanks and tools. It also detects metal foils and objects such as detonator caps..."


Identity Management: What's In It For You
"ImageWare Systems Inc., a world-leading developer and provider of identity management solutions, will be showcasing the company's IWS(TM) Biometric Engine, which has been developed specifically for large-scale identity management applications such as national ID, border control, watch list, voter registration, driver license and airport security, among others. The IWS Biometric Engine's multi-biometric enrollment, management and authentication platform allows users to search and match tens of millions of biometrics, including, but not limited to, LiveScan fingerprints, face, iris, hand geometry, palm, DNA, signature, voice, 3D face and retina for identity confirmation. Searches can be 1:1 (verification), 1:N (identification) and X:N (investigative)..."

This isn't the future, folks; it's our past. The wheels are already in motion, the stocks already purchased. They're banking on your voluntary enslavement to Identity Management. No thanks!

Introducing: EBP!
"The European Biometrics Portal (EBP) will be open to scientific and policy contributions from governments, industry and civil society authors. EBP access and membership are free of charge. The new portal's objective is to encourage the development of consistent policies in the field of biometrics and the respect of privacy. EBP will also support European industry in consolidating its resources..."

It is not possible to both prepare for and prevent the invasion of privacy. We would do best to stop biometrics before it's too late.

Biometrics 101
"Another type of example that can be implemented in biometrics is the face recognition system. It is generally being used in Banks. The bank model is designed with the banking community as (the) main target group. The bank model has a movable camera which can be moved up and down. The camera takes the photograph of the individual.

The photograph may be in Infra red, wire frame or the 3D view depending upon the system designed.

Then the photograph taken by the camera is compared to the photograph stored in the database as in the case of fingerprint recognition system. If the photograph is matched the bank model lets the person to use his account. Otherwise the access is not granted. By using extremely complex mathematics, artificial intelligence and advanced physical devices the human eyes, the nose and other parts of the body can be copied. The Control System of the machine is able to look at a face, memorize it and determine if it has any known matches in the database. All in 3D, exactly the way the human eyes and brain works. This bank model is very much (more) secured than the ATMs provided by the pin number. The ATM cards and the PIN numbers can be stolen but owner's face can not be stolen. If the person was a criminal and someone who was searched by the police also, the systems would recognize him. In facial recognition system, a lots of programming should be done because a person may change his get up by lengthening the moustache, beard, changing hairstyles and so on."

Perhaps, your face "can not be stolen". Nor can it be removed comfortably if the government tags it as "illegal". Coming soon: a ban on all facial hair.

Hedge Funds Make Biometrics Bet
"Farallon Capital Management and Och-Ziff Capital Management, two of the nation's top hedge funds, have decided to place a bet on Pay By Touch Solutions, a privately held maker of biometrics authentication technology.

Pay By Touch, a San Francisco-based company, enables shoppers to make secure payments by giving them access to their financial information by way of finger scans.

'We are thrilled to have major investments from two of the world's most respected hedge funds in this innovative financing,' says Gus Spanos, executive vice president of Pay By Touch..."