Monday, September 26, 2005

Biometrics Out The Ass In Singapore
"Biometrics, the science of using behavioural traits such as fingerprints or facial features for identification, is catching on in Singapore.
Industry players say most Singapore organisations, ranging from schools to slimming centres, have taken to biometrics to control access to secured areas.
And they believe that the use of biometrics in data and network security will gain popularity as the industry matures.
It will not be long before more Singaporeans start using fingerprint or 2D facial scans for identification purposes."


Canada Re-examines Anti-Terrorism Act
"The legislation was introduced shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., to give government new powers to detect, fight and prevent terrorism.

Critics say the law infringes on people's freedom and invades their privacy. Civil rights groups argue that rights are being eroded in the name of the very security biometrics is being developed to provide."


Biometric Imaging Faces a Reality Check
"There was a period of time, post-September 11th, when biometrics was hyped. For instance, in 2001 it was widely believed that face recognition (FR) technology could be used in a surveillance application to accurately identify an individual. Today, 3-D FR promises to be a forensic tool in a similar way that fingerprint is today. Research and development on 3-D FR promises the future ability to take a partial image from a video and construct the entire face off that partial image, allowing for accurate identification."
Sunday, September 18, 2005

Biometric High School
"Bangalore city has taken e-governance a step forward by introducing biometrics in primary schools to keep a count on the attendance of their students and teachers."

High-Tech School Bus Designed To Protect Kids
"The bus is a model of sorts that the nonprofit Points of Lights Foundation and a number of technology companies are trying to put on the market.

'We can tell not only what's going on on the bus (and) wherever the bus maybe located in the case of an emergency, but also what's going on around the bus,' said Tony Watson, the CEO of the Alliance Leadership Group, a consulting group."


Shhhh! They Can Hear You
"Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have found a way to turn the clicks and clacks of typing on a computer keyboard into a startlingly accurate transcript of what exactly is being typed.

In a paper released last week, the researchers explained how they developed software that could analyze the sound of someone typing on a keyboard for just ten minutes and then piece together as much as 96 percent of what had been typed."


A Case Study in Bungling
"Biometrics Limited has raised a heap of cash from investors, put it in the bank, then not managed to sell even $50 worth of biometrics in two years.

To make matters worse, the board is locked in a huge cat fight. Not that there's much worth fighting over, apart from the $900,000 still sitting in the bank."