Thursday, March 01, 2007

Have Fun, Kids...
"The Teen Safe Driver Program was created through a special agreement between American Family Insurance and DriveCam Inc. Families with teen drivers that insure with American Family may enroll in the Teen Safe Driver Program for up to one year and American Family covers the cost.

Subscribers receive:

* The use of a Video Event Recorder

* Professional Installation at a national consumer electronics retailer

* Dedicated cellular data communication for the Event Recorder

* Professional review and analysis of risky driving events

* Secure website to view video feedback and coaching comments

* Weekly driving report card"

Word. Can't wait till mommy gives me my weekly report card, that is, after she's done watching and processing hours of my "private" time... maybe those fucking cunts can put one up in my bedroom as well, thereby eliminating any shred of privacy I ever thought I had. Hell, maybe they can just rig up a shock collar while they're at it. How dare I object to their wisdom and bravery. If mommy says it's the right thing to do, then by golly, it's the right thing to do!!!

Have Fun, Adult-Kids...
"Each of DriveCam's Driving Behavior Analysts complete a comprehensive certification program before they are assigned to your account. As a member of your team, DriveCam Driving Behavior Analysts tailor their interaction and analysis to suit your corporate culture and business needs. Analysts review driving events on your organization's behalf, freeing your fleet supervisors to focus on driver behavior improvement. Rapid turn-around time ensures you have all the information you need to effectively coach your drivers."

Thanks, coach. Can I have my paycheck now, or do you wanna probe my ass for contraband first?