The new Facebook Graph Search, currently in beta and only available to some, is a powerful search engine capable of revealing and uncovering incredibly detailed information about you, your friends and total strangers. It allows you to search for fun facts like "Former actors who are currently employed as waiters," "Which games do Dutch Defense Ministry employees like to play?" (Battlefield and Call of Duty) and "People who like Lance Armstrong, who like steroids and who like fairy tales."

But the new search engine goes beyond the level of providing "funny" lists or surprising your friends with intimate knowledge about them.

Facebook Graph will provide unprecedented detailed personal information as soon as we take our queries one level further and combine details with details: "CEOs that like porn" or "Men who like Selena Gomez and FBI and are interested in men who like the bible." Your privacy at stake

The success of Facebook Graph Search lies in our own love for Facebook. We, the public, are the ones who published this wealth of information on Facebook. Graph Search is merely using everything we already, and voluntarily, made public ourselves.

On the other hand -- how many of you think about the consequences when liking and linking a page or when writing down your interests or telling your activities? And who in the world looks at what he wrote a year ago?..