The Santa Fe City Council is looking at plans that could install anywhere from a few dozen to nearly 200 surveillance cameras in public places around the city.

Santa Fe has had a continuing battle with burglars breaking into cars and homes. So now the city wants to bring in extra eyes, a lot of extra eyes, to help stop thieves.

Citywide surveillance cameras are nothing new. London has thousands of them.

Now it looks like Santa Feans might need to start prepping for their close-ups.

Santa Fe's Dale Ball Trails don't look anything like an urban center, but that doesn't mean it's a crime-free spot.

Plenty of parked cars with few people around is a tempting sight for crooks and explains the "High Prowl Area" sign warning people to secure their valuables.

"Shortly after they opened the trails I had my car broken into," one visitor told KRQE News 13.

"I've seen so many broken windows over here," added another.

It's not just a problem at the trailhead.

"We have trails, we have business districts, we have parks, and the police can't be everywhere all the time," Santa Fe Mayor David Coss said...