For the next two decades, MySpace will be undergoing regular privacy assessments from the Federal Trade Commission.

The company was accused by the FTC of sharing its users’ personal information with advertisers, all without disclosing that fact to the users themselves.

Rather than fight the charges, the once-mighty social site chose to settle; its full consent order is embedded below.

The company had access to users’ age, gender, and full name, as well as detailed lists of interests, hobbies, and friends — and such information is all immensely valuable to marketers of all stripes. While MySpace was promising users it would not share personally identifiable information (leading to individually targeted advertisements), the FTC saw a different story unfolding:

MySpace has been ordered to stop overstating the privacy it provides its users, to set up and maintain a privacy program, and to undergo regular privacy reviews conducted by a “qualified, objective, independent third-party professional” every two years for the next 20 years.

Also, for the next five years, MySpace will have to turn over to the FTC a ton of documentation, including internal communications about privacy, user complaints, any legal or law enforcement documents related to consumer information privacy, and all relevant plans, audits, and reports on MySpace’s information privacy...

They won't even be around in twenty years! Maybe that was JT's plan when he bought this piece of shit website for $30M - - take the identities and run!