Boulder officials are defending their decision to seek a restraining order against Seth Brigham, telling a Boulder County judge that it's their attempt to stop a "progression of violence" shown by Seth Brigham toward the city's elected leaders.

"The protective order is necessary to prevent the defendant from taking the next step in his progression of violence and assaulting the protected individuals," Boulder City Attorney Tom Carr wrote in a motion filed Friday in Boulder County Court.

Boulder officials obtained a temporary restraining order last week that bars Brigham from going within 50 yards of the Boulder Municipal Building, including for council meetings, and from having any contact with City Council members, including via the main council e-mail address.

A hearing on whether the restraining order should be made permanent is scheduled for Tuesday, but Boulder County Judge David Archuleta had indicated he might dismiss the restraining order based on a motion from Brigham's attorney, David Lane.

Lane argued that the city based its assessment of Brigham as a threat on a "drive-by psychic forecast," and its restraining order violates Brigham's First Amendment rights...