Fourteen suspected members of a Crown Heights gang dubbed the “Brower Boys” have been indicted in connection with a year-long crime spree after talking about their alleged exploits on Facebook, authorities said Wednesday.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said an officer from the 77th Precinct was able to track the suspects on social networking sites.

“He was able to get up on Facebook and ‘friend’ the members of the Brower gang to such an extent that he was able to track their next move,” Kelly said.

Officer Michael Rodriguez said the suspects would get bolder in what they wrote, like the videotaped crime.

“In that instance, they were boasting about making money,” Officer Rodriguez said.

Investigators also made video recordings of some of the suspects climbing in and out of apartment windows, up and down fire escapes and running across rooftops, authorities said. The suspects are charged in connection with more than 20 break-ins...