Here's the 2011 report, National Biometrics Challenge from the Office of Science and Technology Policy. It says on page 14 (it doesn't allow cut and paste):

Here is the FBI's latest on voice biometrics. As of 2008, they didn't think voice biometrics was Daubert-ready for federal courts, the standard it strives to meet.

Does law enforcement use EasyVoice Biometrics? According to its website, the software was just released and didn't start shipping until March, 2012. (It costs $5,000.) I was wondering how Tom Owen (whom I have used as an expert in the past and found to be quite professional) got an advance copy since he testified at a court trial in January that he had used the program the year before. Turns out, according to Whosis, he is the administrative contact for the EasyVoice Biometrics website. If he has a proprietary or financial interest in the program, or helped develop it (which I don't know that he does or did) should he have disclosed it to the Sun Sentinel?