Abiodun Afolabi, the Managing Director, SB Telecoms and Devices Limited have expressed hope that the newly introduced biometric time attendance solution will rid the civil service in Nigeria of ghost workers.

He made this statement during an interactive session with journalists in Lagos. He said if this technology is adopted by the government, it will also tackle the problem of absenteeism, time theft and general inefficiency.

Afolabi pointed out that lack of automated attendance systems is one of the major causes of the listed problems in the civil service. This allowed corrupt civil servants to increase government expenditure through the placement of ghost workers on the payroll.

He stated, “The ghost worker syndrome has been a menace across all tiers of government for years. Annually, millions of Naira is siphoned from government coffers through salary payments to non-existing employees, who have fraudulently been listed on the payroll system.

Some of these employees may include retired civil servants, deceased people or pure fictitious names.” The company had therefore developed the Time and Access Management System, which is capable of tracking employees’ work hours, number of days at work, and amount of extra hours’ incentives earned.

According to Afolabi, one of the most unique features of TAMS is its web-based time attendance functionality supported by GPRS technology. He however urged all civil servants and workers to see it as a necessary solution to improve business efficiency...