The proponents of the Biometric Voter's registration for future Ghana elections had good intentions. By the proposed improved form of registration and voting, the proponents had in mind to achieve transparency, fairness and to guarantee every registered electorate or citizen the franchise of one-man one vote. The clarity of their intention cannot be overestimated. They sought to eschew the abuse of multiple registrations by same individual which behaviour is common in Ghana's voter registration exercises. Nevertheless, "good intentions alone cannot bring about the world peace"

A citizen found a missing wallet belonging to an alleged Jabir and took it to a radio station. It contained two biometric-issued registration photo cards of him. Each card bore his photo but in different names, age and address. Furthermore, the police have arrested one Emmanuel Archibald Laryea in Accra for possessing 15 biometric voter identity cards. Each card bears his photo but in different names and address. An operator of a biometric machine picked him up when he was attempting to register for the 16th time.

Were all the 7,000 biometric machines synchronised and the machines tested for operational efficiency prior to dispatching them to the electoral wards, there would not be instances of successful multiple registrations. These two are just the tip of the iceberg of the ongoing gargantuan but yet to discover malpractices involved with the registration.