Tagging friends after you snap a photo of them and posting it to Facebook is so last week. A new smartphone application allows you to point an iPhone camera at a friend and tag that person before you even hit the shutter button.

Called "Klik," the iPhone app automatically displays your friends' names in real time when they appear in view of your iPhone's camera. After Klik detects a face, it instantly connects to your Facebook account and scans your friends' photos to identify the person in view. It also scans your iPhone for photos you've tagged on your phone.

When a user snaps the photo, the subject is automatically tagged, and the photo can either be stored on the device or uploaded to a social network.

The app was released on March 7 by Internet facial recognition service provider Face.com. The Israeli startup improved upon its "Photo Tagger" software, which finds friends' faces in photos and automatically suggests nametags for them -- a solution that Facebook adopted in its Photo Tag Suggest feature in late 2010.

With Klik, facial recognition can now be done in real time...