"Device and environment independence is a key benefit of BIO-key technology. Our goal for the past decade is maintaining that an enrollment is usable now and into the future across any and all fingerprint scanners, operating systems, devices and even applications," stated Mira LaCous, VP Technology and Development. "BIO-key offers full enrollment and identification, supported by a highly accurate algorithm and full security encryption of critical authentication data. BIO-key provides these solutions across healthcare, education, government, banking and the business enterprise," she continued.

"We are pioneering the path for securing mobile devices that is convenient and are integrated into many partner applications. The company has developed strategic relationships with IBM, CA Technologies and Oracle," said Mike DePasquale BIO-key CEO. "In healthcare we've partnered with leading EMR providers including Allscripts and EPIC who are witnessing a demand for stronger security as the iPad, a preferred device amongst physicians, is being used inside and outside the hospital for both personal and business applications; thus magnifying the risk of protecting patient records and increasing the need for convenient strong authentication," DePasquale summarized...