The TSA has trained approximately 8,000 hot dog vendors, parking lot attendants, and others who will work at and around Lucas Oil Stadium during the big game to look for and recognize suspicious activity.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provided the training to stadium workers and other volunteers through the "First Observer" program that is available online.
Patti Hammerle, an event volunteer, was quoted by Fox News as saying,

"They told us to look for suspicious people and things that didn't look right. It's been fabulous. Knowing everybody was watching made us feel safer."

The "First Observer" program was created to provide the transportation industry with skills to detect criminal and terrorist activity while goods and people are being moved across the United States. Regular participants of the program include truckers, school bus drivers, and other motor carriers.
As reported in the Daily Mail, suspicious activity that trainees were taught to look for when the Giants meet the Patriots in Indianapolis later today includes wearing a hooded sweatshirt, using a video camera, driving a van, and using a recording device on a cell phone...

Just don't wear a hoodie or record it on your cellphone!
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Go Giants!

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Once again, the van gets a bad rap.