The Los Angeles Police Department is compiling a list of privately owned surveillance cameras to "consolidate the surveillance resources available to the detectives toward crime prevention," according to an announcement.

If you know of any schools, businesses, homes, apartment or condo complexes or businesses in your neighborhood that have surveillance camera, the LAPD would like to know about it.

Surveillance camera footage has aided the LAPD North Hollywood Division in numerous cases recently, including the arrest of two suspects accused of slaying of a 24-year-old man who was shot when he came to his grandfather's aid during a robbery on Jan. 9 on the 8100 block of Coldwater Canyon Avenue in North Hollywood...
Anonymous ScottC said...
Ultimately they will have real time access and control of all surveillance cameras public and private. All they want is surveillance cams with frickin laser beams attached to them.

Anonymous fc said...
It's so fucking obvious that THEY are just power-grabbing while the American public snoozes.