Friday, February 10, 2012

A feud which started on Facebook ended with the early-morning slaying of a young Tennessee couple, found shot in the head with their sobbing baby still clutched in her dead mother's arms, police said.

Easy to anger, Janell Potter had been making trouble in the tiny town of Mountain City for years now, Sheriff Mike Reece said Friday.

But nobody ever thought it would get to the point where her father and boyfriend stand accused of murder on her behalf, Reece said.

"Why they targeted this boy and girl to murder them out of all these people they've had trouble with, I don't know," Reece told AFP.

"There've been a couple cases actually wound up in court over harassment with this girl over this Facebook thing. This time it really got out of hand, that's all we can find out for the motive to this."

Potter, who is about 30 years old, has a physical disability and spends most of her day on Facebook, where she's been involved in several disputes that have spilled over into the real world, Reece said.

She gets very angry when people block or 'defriend' her and responds by calling to harass people who try to cut her off...