Following the murder of a Visakhapatnam-based jeweller by three cabbies, Bangalore police are thinking of asking all tourist taxi operators to collect biometrics and make background checks on drivers employed by them.

"Yes, first we will seek suggestions from tour operators and taxi operators. Then we will go ahead with our plan," police commissioner BG Jyothi Prakash Mirji told TOI.

He said a similar drive has already been implemented for autorickshaw drivers, who now compulsorily have a display card showing their identity details.

A senior police officer said that with foreign tourists and businessmen landing in Bangalore daily, the onus is on cops to take steps to prevent a recurrence of Tuesday's ghastly murder. Forty-four-year-old Manoj Kumar Grandhi, head of Vaibhav Group from Andhra Pradesh, was killed by three cabbies.

"We need to bring in strict discipline among cab drivers, get them to mend their behaviour as well. They need to maintain discipline on the roads as I have found many of them not respecting motorists and pedestrians ," he said...
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