New figures released on February 13 by TRUSTe reveal the vast majority of US consumers have concerns about their online privacy and are wary of doing business with businesses they believe don't have adequate protection in place.

It pays to be cautious online with the amount of phishing scams and dodgy websites. TRUSTe's inaugural Consumer Confidence Edition, a new quarterly index from the privacy management firm, shows that the vast majority of US online users have real concerns.

A whopping 90% of consumers were found to worry about their online privacy be it often, frequently or sometimes. Just 10% never worry about it. Forty one percent disagreed with the statement "I trust most companies with my personal information online" and 12% strongly disagreed.

The impact on business is obvious. TRUSTe's survey found that 88% somewhat or strongly agreed they would not do business with a company they believed did not protect their online privacy...
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Only 90%?