The University of Central Florida (UCF) implemented a biometric vein scanning system in an effort to prevent unauthorized persons from entering certain campus facilities, according to a student newspaper.

The campus’ Recreation Wellness Center (RWC) is one of the first to install the system, after many complaints of too many unauthorized people being caught trying to sneak into the facility. To register students simply scan their finger over a touch pad that reads their veins.

There has been some student resistance, most complaining that their privacy is being breached and some way keeping their personal information. Others claim the system takes too much time and that the system doesn’t always work.

Campus officials responded by stating no information is actually kept, just a code that comes up on the screen and a green check mark when students check in. Adding further to note the RWC is currently going through a transition with the new system, and longs lines and system errors are expected at first...

(5 years from now) "Step right up and scan yr palm, people, for some free delicious food, courtesy of the United States Government - otherwise you can starve!"