Munroe Elementary School in Tallmadge, Ohio is upgrading its cafeteria to be cash-free when the students return form winter break relying instead on biometrics for students to access accounts for their food, according to a Tallmadge Express article.

The change, which is designed off a system at nearby Hudson City Schools to help make lines move quicker, is part of a school overhaul of its dining program that also includes changes in the offerings to help improve the diets of the students.

The fingerprint-based systems are not entirely new to the schools, as they already been running in middle and high schools in Tallmadge. The system at Munroe will be the first to run entirely cashless without an option for students to pay in cash, which may expand to all the schools...

The kids can't opt out of this one; no cash allowed. Total bullshit. Conditioning them for a cashless society, one that can be more easily controlled and monitored. As adults, they won't even know the true meaning of freedom.