Thursday, December 08, 2011

Chief Diggs says the cameras will feed into a real time crime center that will record video obtained by both "overt" and "covert" cameras.

"Some of the cameras will be self-supporting, they'll be on trailers so we can move them around....The main cameras will be on polls that are already out there," Toledo Police Lt. Michael Troendle said of the cameras.

Diggs says the mix in types of surveillance will make the investment both a reactive and proactive tool in fighting crime.

Estimated to cost between $812,000 and $1.2 million Diggs says he plans to purchase the cameras as soon as he gets the necessary approval.

"Financing for the program will not be taken from the city's general fund but instead will be used from the department’s law enforcement trust fund, an account funded by assets confiscated through criminal investigations," Diggs said.

The chief adds that he will be working closely with the city's law department to make sure citizens' rights are not infringed on by adding the cameras...