Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Remember that software installed on 140 million smartphones that tracks every keystroke you make?

Smartphone users were told that Carrier IQ was only being used for diagnostic information but what exactly does this mean? And if it’s only being used for diagnostic information, why is the FBI denying a FOIA request for records of how that agency has used data from the software for law enforcement purposes?

Most importantly, if data from our smartphones is being used by the FBI without our knowledge, is this just the next frontier in domestic spying programs?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
They are now admitting the ability to do what we've known they could do and have done for some time. All data that is transmitted is logged, copied and stored in a searchable database. Period.

Users knowingly allowing third-party corporations to do this is scary. The people don't know, don't care or are too busy and overwhelmed by the multitude of Govercorp™ lies and crimes to give a shit.

Unfortunately there is no easy way out of this mess. Either as a people, a family or an individual. We're all in this up to our necks. It seems like there is no way out other than to radically retreat from society (or be rich).

Maybe it's time to say, "Fuck this mess", and become mountain men. Or just go on and marvel at the crap dropping from on high.