Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The reported move of the state government to introduce biometric system of attendance for teachers and non-teaching staff of colleges and universities in Bihar has drawn sharp criticism from the academic circles. The new system would hardly be able to change the existing educational scenario in the state, they feel.

The basic idea of introducing this system is to keep a check on teachers. The biometric system will provide exact information on whether the employee was actually present or not. With the biometric system in place, the employee has to be present physically in the college and cannot mark proxy attendance, the mandarins in the state HRD feels.

Taking strong exception to the government move of implementing the biometric system, Patna University Teachers' Association general secretary Randhir Kumar Singh said it would hardly deliver any good in the institutions of higher education. Rather it would prove counterproductive.

In Patna University, classes are being run by only about 400 teachers against the required 900 teachers. Consequently, a teacher of Patna College or Patna Women's College also engages classes in the postgraduate department located at Darbhanga House. How will he move to different institutions if the biometric system is introduced, he wondered...