“Bluetooth headset maker Jawbone will soon release its new Up life monitoring wristband that’s designed to help you live a more healthy life by tracking every move you make, what you’re eating, how long you’re sleeping and how many calories you burn.”

The wristbands attach to mobile phones. Apparently the user is expected to wear the wristbands 24 hours a day. The company has made it easy for them to do so by making the bands out of medical-grade, hypo-allergenic rubber, which makes the bracelets sweat-proof and water resistant.

This is yet another example of police state indoctrination-though-gadget. Such toys serve to warm the public over to an inevitable reality in which the monitoring of every aspect of one’s life by machines– which will report the information back to centralized government/corporate centers– is no longer a voluntary novelty, but a shackle nobody can get away from...