"BRS Labs' software has been selected by the City of Houston's video surveillance program and is being deployed in an effort to proactively identify unusual behavioral activities and notify security and law enforcement staff of the potential threats detected", according to Maurice Singleton, subject matter expert and security technology advisor for the City of Houston. Singleton further added that, "the ability to collect advanced video surveillance intelligence reflects the city's commitment to proactively identify potential threats throughout city operations."

Specifically designed to autonomously serve as the eyes and brain for large scale critical security environments, BRS Labs' software, AISight(TM), is able to attach to existing video surveillance infrastructure and watch, learn, and identify unusual behavioral patterns in real time. This advanced video surveillance technology will be incorporated into the City of Houston's critical infrastructure protection program thereby increasing the city's level of situational awareness and providing the ability to proactively identify security violations, potential criminal activity and more serious threats...

Are we stupid? They are counting on us not to notice this shit. Facial recognition + behavioral analytics = no privacy.