Addams, a 33-year-old graphic artist and Web marketing specialist, found out about the search when he arrived home to find the warrant in his mailbox and some of his painting materials missing. However, he was not aware that the police were continuing to spy on his home until one day when he saw a flash go off as he left his house.

“As I got closer [to where the flash went off] I saw that it was a hunting camera strapped to a tree. So I ripped it down off the tree,” Addams said. “I took a look [on the other side of the driveway] and I found another hunting camera.”

Addams checked the flash drive cards to see what images the cameras contained. One card was clear of any photos except the surveillance, which started on June 14 at 3 a.m., according to the time stamp.

But the other card had two files with a total of 240 pictures, including graphic images taken at crime scenes, involving a variety of police cases. Some of the photos were very disturbing, said Addams.

“If it was my or your loved ones that were on that camera, which it may very well be, it’s not something that you want to have fall into the hands of [members of the public],” Addams said...