"How do I take my snapshot?"
Once you get your Snapshot device in the mail, just plug it into your car’s diagnostic port (usually below the steering column) and drive as you normally would to take your snapshot. Then, log in to your policy to view your driving information and projected Snapshot Discount.

"Will Progressive share Snapshot data with anyone else?"
We won’t share Snapshot data with a third party unless it’s required to service your insurance policy, prevent fraud, perform research or comply with the law... We also won’t use Snapshot data to resolve a claim unless you or the registered vehicle owner gives us permission...

Great news if you don't mind having your driving constantly monitored by Progressive! Can't wait until they integrate it with a Garmin GPS: "Slow down immediately! You are exceeding the speed limit, Judith" Also, if you live in Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Rhode Island or South Carolina, you will end up paying a "technology expense" and end up actually paying more for your policy!