TruTouch Technologies claims it has developed the first touch-based alcohol detection device using infrared light that could be installed in vehicles.

Right now, a number of U.S. states and Canadian provinces force first-time and repeat offenders to pay to have their cars equipped with a breathalyzer that acts like an ignition interlock device, and requires them to exhale into the system to check for blood alcohol concentration before the engine can be started.

However, such device can easily be tampered with (your sober friend can pass the test for you), which has many advocates of road safety demanding a smarter system.

That's where TruTouch comes in. Here, a driver’s alcohol level is determined when a finger is placed on an infrared sensor. Results are determined in seconds. This device has a built-in biometric system so it can’t be cheated with another person’s finger...


Ah, now we see why it is so important to get everyone's biometrics... to prevent crime BEFORE IT HAPPENS!!!! First it's drunk driving, then it's going out past curfew to protest!