Friday, August 12, 2011

About 600 biometric equipment used to record the data of foreign workers in the ongoing amnesty programme have been tampered with, said the Home Ministry.

The tampering had caused damage to the biometric system and as a result, the data of the foreigners could not be uploaded to the Immigration Department’s main server.

Home Ministry deputy secretary-general Datuk Alwi Ibrahim said the equipment were those handled by agents appointed for the registration.

“Several agents have been found to use the services of unauthorised IT consultants to modify the equipment.

“The ministry has so far discovered about 600 such equipment that had been modified,” he said, adding that due to the tampering, the machines no longer met the ministry’s specifications.

“The irresponsible act prevented data taken from the foreigners from being uploaded to the department’s main server,” he said yesterday.

Alwi said the tampering of the system was a serious matter as it falls under the Official Secrets Act.