Your phone is a covert spy device, secretly listening to and recording everything you say -- or at least, it could be, according to new research that has uncovered a smartphone hack affecting both Androids and iPhones.

The auto-answer feature installed on most smartphones can be hacked to transform the phone into a listening machine, based on research by Ralf-Philipp Weinmann that shows a way hackers can break into the phone's baseband processor--which sends and receives radio signals on the cellular network--by exploiting bugs in the firmware of its radio chips...
Anonymous ac dc adaptor said...
It's common spying with smartphone. I'd like to share something..... Question: Does an cellphone / mobile phone needs 1GHz processor to send an SMS or to provide call to another user on the network?

Answer: It does not need to have 1GHz CPU, but sure is fun to spy on everyone without them even noticing there is something wrong!
Thanks, @Emily
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Blogger Anne said...
Hi, I think smartphone users might fear that a criminal with access to their devices might destroy all their data, "brick" the phone or prank call all their contacts. But the real nightmare from a hacked phone is much more subtle, and can be much more expensive, than having to replace a phone. thanks!
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