The TSA pops a man's colostomy bag and then forces him to board the plane soaked in his own urine. Welcome to the New American Nightmare...

A retired teacher from Houghton Lake, Mich., said he has filed complaints with several different Transportation Security Administration officials after claiming that TSA agents disregarded a medical condition while they conducted a pat down earlier this month.

Thomas Sawyer, 61, who is a bladder cancer survivor and a retired special education teacher, was selected for one of the new and controversial pat downs after body scanners detected his urostromy bag.

Sawyer is required to wear the bag to collect urine.

TSA officials broke the seal of the bag, causing urine to spill onto his clothes and body.

Sawyer said he had to board his plane before getting a chance to clean up.

He also claims that airport security never once offered to help clean him up and they failed comply with a repeated request for a private pat down.

Sawyer claims the TSA agents said they didn't want to hear about his medical condition.