Lost in the debate over the intrusive TSA tactics is the importance of the 4th Amendment and what it means to be an American. It's not about how comfortable one is with being seen naked or being groped by strangers; it's about the very fabric of our Liberty as envisioned in the Bill of Rights.

My problem with the use of this technology is how it violates my fourth amendment rights while not leaving me much safer. Using these scanners to conduct an invasive search of my person without probable cause while still failing to protect me and my fellow passengers is troubling. Checking my bag? Fine. Metal detector to make sure I’ve left my gun collection at home? Fine. Even making me expose my feet to the gross airport floor? Still, I’ll tolerate it. But digitally stripping me for the review of a TSA agent? No thanks. I’m a human, not an object, and I’d like to be treated as though being a human being carries some value. Does having a clear arrest record and not even a single speeding ticket to my name mean anything? I guess not...
Anonymous GQuiz said...
how many airline bombers/saboteurs got through our security over the last few decades? not counting 9/11 which was perpetrated by TPTB and is a total fabrication?

now, we the people, have to suffer through increasingly invasive and unnecessary scans and checkpoints.

the grip tightens.

will we ever find Emmanuel Goldstein?