Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sue the shit outta these pieces of shit! What's next? No women, because they could get pregnant? Employers are getting too arrogant in this country. Maybe they need to be reminded (violently) how to respect people...

One of the Heartland's biggest employers is taking a huge stand against tobacco use. Starting January 1, Saint Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau will no longer hire smokers.

Sandy Duncan, operations manager for Fitness Plus, said those who apply for jobs at Saint Francis online will immediately be aware of the new policy.

"There's going to be a statement that comes up that lets them know we don't hire current tobacco users," Duncan said.

Applicants will even have to be tested to remove all doubt as to whether or not they are smokers. Duncan said the examinations will likely be blood or urine tests, much like drug tests.

"There's a lot of pre-employment testing that takes place for any employee," Duncan said. "Smoking is not a protected class, and so it's perfectly legal for us to do that..."
Perfectly legal? Someone call the fucking ACLU on these maggots!