They can also take a stool sample and tell you if you have worms...

More and more people now realize naked body scanners are not about protection from terrorists, as the government claims, but is in fact a technology designed for control and data collection. If the government is going to be successful implementing its control grid, it will have to introduce technology that can be touted as physically non-threatening. The largest independent union of airline pilots in the world earlier this week urged its members to boycott body imaging machines, citing dangers of excessive exposure to harmful levels of radiation during the screening process.

A Massachusetts company, Iscon Video Imaging, has stepped into the fray and is offering body scanning technology minus harmful radiation.

“The Iscon 1000D is the only whole body imaging portal that can be integrated with state of the art technologies to detect virtually any object, without radiation or privacy issues and confirm that the person is indeed who they claim to be,” a press release issued on October 29 states.

The “enhanced” version of Iscon’s 1000D whole body scanner is equipped with optional biometric technologies and identity verification techniques, according to the company...