Predictably, everybody in the community is thrilled with the possibilities of the new vein-reading devices! No need to carry ID anymore. Well worth the possibility of fuNctioN cReeP and a complete loss of privacy. Besides, it will make it that much easier to track, label, and round us all up when they deem necessary!

Beginning in January, three Montgomery County recreation centers should be using biometric finger vein scanners to access members' recreation accounts.

The vein scanners will be implemented as a pilot program from January to March, with the goal of entirely replacing the plastic access cards used in all 33 recreation facilities, said Robin Riley, a division chief in the Department of Recreation.

The vein scanners, which look like a computer mouse, read the unique vein pattern below a person's finger to create a code.

The move is expected to save the county $50,000 annually in the materials cost of the plastic cards and printers, Riley said...
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