Kirit Amin isn't just any ordinary "government official"... In fact, he is the Chief Information Officer, Bureau of Consular Affairs... and Director for the Office of Consular Systems & Technology, US Department of State... Don't fuck with him!!!
But seriously, he may be the most important guy you've never even heard of!

Kirit Amin, the chief information officer for the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, has come out in favor of expanding the government’s role in biometrics and perhaps moving towards a different mode, according to a Federal news radio article.

It was at the AFCEA Law Enforcement IT Day in Maryland that Amin professed his interest in iris recognition biometrics for a number of reasons and acknowledged the evolution the technology has taken over the past few years.

His chief reasons for preferring iris biometrics was its high-accuracy with a small footprint when compared to other more widely used biometric technology like face recognition.

Quickly behind that reason is Amin’s assertion of iris recognition systems being much less intrusive to an individual being scanned as it can authenticate one’s identity from four to six feet away from a scanner and technology exists that doesn’t even require the individual to stop moving to be authenticated...