Take this job and shove it!!! It sucked anyway, but now it really sucks! You will not control us like pigs on the way to slaughter!

Access control is fast developing into a source of 
 intelligence for employers, as a result of the biometric analysis of fingerprints, technology and services company Ideco Biometric Security Solutions COO Marius Coetzee reports.

Biometrics has revolutionised the security industry, with 
greater improved control of who has permission to enter certain areas of an organisation than 
offered by traditional identity management systems.

“Access control in a warehousing scenario is evolving to 
encompass continuous verification of which employee is handling specific goods at any point along the order process trail,” he says.

The latest development is that biometrics is now being incorporated into the entire order process trail, using a mobile scanner that scans a fingerprint and the labels on containers 
arriving at a terminal, before the containers can be opened.

“An electronic mechanism will only open a container after it has been accepted by a central control point in the system, granting the specific person permission to unload cargo. With biometrics, it is easy to know exactly who dealt with any specific cargo in the shipping process and when they did,” he says...