Monday, October 25, 2010


* Rapleaf knows your real names and email addresses.
* It can build rich profiles by tapping voter-registration files, shopping histories, social-networking activities and more. In effect, it can built the ultimate dossier on you.
* Rapleaf sells pretty elaborate data that includes household income, age, political leaning, and even more granular details such as your interest in get-rich-quick schemes.
* According to the WSJ, Rapleaf segments people into 400 categories.
* Rapleaf says it doesn’t transmit personally identifiable data for online advertising, but the WSJ found that is not the case. Rapleaf shared a unique Facebook ID to at least 12 companies and a unique MySpace ID number to six companies. Any sharing was accidental, the company said.
* Politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, are using Rapleaf. It has provided data to 10 political campaigns