Coming soon to a country near you: mandatory RFID tags for all vehicles...

Highways and Road Transport Minister Kamal Nath on Wednesday said it would be mandatory for all vehicles to have a prepaid chip for toll payments within eighteen months.

Nath, while addressing the annual conference of Economic Editors in national capital New Delhi, said the prepaid Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards are like mobile phone chips, which would be installed in every vehicle.

"In around 18 months it will be implemented. We will make it mandatory for all the vehicles that the RFID card would be installed at the time of manufacturing. This would cost around 70 rupees. It is not a very big expense. So, we are talking terms with all the manufacturers," said Nath.

He added that it is safe, and would be made mandatory for old vehicles as well.

The RFID cards communicate via electromagnetic waves to exchange data. The technology is generally used for identification and tracking purposes but can be used on any thing, even an animal or person...