Well, it's the beginning of a new era, folks. It's either walk through the radiation booth or be subjected to a groping. The pat-down used to be done using the back of the hand, gently patting down a person. Today, the hand flips around...

Get ready for tougher security checks at Richmond International and other airports across the nation.

A new invasive "pat down" procedure goes into effect Friday. The new procedure will allow TSA agents to use the front of their hands to search the entire body of passengers, including the breast and genital areas.

Some R-I-C passengers say this may be pushing the limits, considering passengers must already take off their shoes and go through full body imaging or x-ray machines.

Passenger Bob George says, "It just keeps getting worse and worse. I just think it's too much. Basically they'll have your taking everything off in a few more years!"

At airports, like R-I-C, where there are advanced full body imaging machines, passengers will be required to submit to either the full body x-ray or the full body pat down...