Carla Franklin, who believed she was cyberstalked, is claiming victory in a case involving harassment when defamatory comments about her were posted online.

A judge has ruled that Google must release the names of the online tormentors who made the crude comments about Franklin, a 34-year-old businesswoman.

When an anonymous cyberbully posted unauthorized videos of her on YouTube, complete with offensive comments like the word "whore," Franklin took action.

She was able to get the video and comments removed by Google, which owns YouTube, but Franklin wanted more. So she sued Google to try to get it reveal the identity of her online offenders.

She spoke about her legal battle on "The Early Show" last August.

She said then, "I don't care about being called names. It was a safety issue."

A judge ruled in her favor and now -- under court order -- Google has 15 days to release the names, addresses and phone numbers of three screen name tormentors: JOEBOOMO8, JIMMYJEANOO8, and GREYSPECTOR09.

But such information may still not unveil those who assaulted Franklin's character.

Joseph DeMarco, an attorney specializing in Internet issues, told CBS News, "Even if you know there is an Internet Protocol address associated with some wrongdoing, finding out who that person is can be a very, very difficult challenge."

Free e-mail accounts and public computers also enable people to hide in the shadows of the Web. Experts say that continues to present legal hurdles in cases involving cyberbullies - like the ones encountered by Carla Franklin.

DeMarco said, "The advent of new technology that allows for privacy to be intruded upon has raised the stakes dramatically in the debate over privacy and the law."

Franklin told "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill Wednesday she now feels "vindicated" and "victorious."

She said, "I'm just so happy they got my court order. When I started this journey, I had, first of all, no idea that the media would be interested in it. It was a private matter that, you know, needed to be resolved. What was happening to me was unacceptable. There was an Internet shrine created to me on YouTube dedicated to Carla Franklin containing information that could be used to trace me to my job or my home. And then, someone, who I believe is the same person, created, you know, another YouTube account to call me a "whore." And I feel good I've at least gotten the court order. I thought that would be the hardest part, and now that's done and I'm extremely happy."

Franklin said she's already heard from Google.

"They've been very communicative," she said. "My issue is not really with Google. My issue is with this person who is doing this. Google now has 15 days to get the information to me and, you know, I'm hopeful that we will get the information, which will include IP information and log file information, within the 15 days (to help me trace who did this)..."

(it's over, folks... everyone hates a bully but this is the end of free speech and anonymity -fc)