Carla Franklin, a business consultant who was offended by videos of her being uploaded to YouTube without her consent and by comments calling her a “whore” said she wants to sue the people who uploaded the video and made the comments, but to do that, she needs Google to reveal their identities. And for Google, that means getting a court order.

By October 29, she may have their names, unless Google or the anonymous commenters/uploaders appeal an order handed down Friday by Judge Judith J. Gishe in State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

Franklin first initiated legal action on August 16, seeking court intervention to compel Google and YouTube to disclose the identity of the person or persons who posted defamatory statements on the Columbia School of Business website, between approximately June and October of 2009, referring to Petitioner as a“Whore,” as well as published a YouTube internet channel dedicated to Ms. Franklin, including footage from a film that Ms. Franklin appeared in several years ago, without her or the film owner’s authorization.

In the filing supporting an order to show cause, Franklin sought the identity of users “greyspector09,” “JimmyJean008,” and “JoeBloom008...”