Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Google CEO's Eric Schmidt's off-the-cuff answer that people who don't want their homes photographed for Google Street View should "just move" raises the question: Move where? Just where on this planet are you safe from Google's prying eyes?

In a CNN interview on the Parker Spitzer show, Schmidt made this comment about people who don't want their homes photographed by Street View:

"With Street View, we drive by exactly once, so you can just move."

He later told Computerworld that he mis-spoke, and that anyone who wants their house removed from Google Street View can request that Google remove it.

If he did, in fact, mis-speak, it was a Freudian slip. Schmidt has made it clear time and time again that he believes that Google should have access to virtually any information it wants about people --- and that's a good thing not just for Google, but the people whose privacy has been invaded as well...
Blogger BC said...
First of all...Google is merely taking a photograph from a PUBLIC street. That's something we ALL have the right to do in a free society. Except by sharing their millions of photos with the entire world, they have managed to create something spectacularly useful for people that want to explore places they can't afford go travel to...or simply study landmarks beforehand so they don't get lost en route. Personally I thank Google for all this effort...and appreciate that they share this public data with the world for FREE.

Blogger BC said...
Also, I think it's hilarious that you are writing this blog on Blogspot (which is owned by Google). Hahaha.

Anonymous scottc said...
well, castletoe, google is not sharing your data for free. they make an outrageously good living off of your data.

and, hey, why not use empire's own tools against them? fuck, no one will believe you or care anyhow.

do you get a lot of fares from google's boulder locale? probably not. just brainwashed.