Yesterday, Google allowed the FTC to get down on it's knees and kiss the internet search giant's shiny ass. It had been decided that the corporate giant would not be punished for - or even asked about - it's illegal collection of stored private user information, such as passwords and entire e-mails, whilst driving around in a little fucking car equipped with cameras and wifi-sucking devices. Long live Google! Google uber alles!! Google Uber Alles!!!

Privacy advocates forcefully criticized the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Wednesday after the agency dropped its inquiry into a privacy breach by Google.

The company had collected and stored private user information, such as passwords and entire e-mails, without even realizing it. Google's action remain under scrutiny abroad.

Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, characterized the development as the FTC giving Google "a free pass."

"The FTC keeps giving Google a free pass to collect consumer data card," he said. "While Canadian and other regulators are in hot pursuit of Google's wifi data collection practices, the FTC has dropped its own investigation."

He said Google's "flip flips on this issue--no we didn't collect, yes we did" are one reason a stronger investigation would have been appropriate. He also questioned whether Google's political clout helped it through the privacy debacle.

"Google's political clout with the Obama administration also raises concerns that federal policymakers are fearful of taking on the online ad giant," he said...
Blogger dave said...
The Obama Administration is the worst thing to happen to this country when it comes to civil rights and the 4th and 5th amendment.

Anonymous scottc said...

Google's Marissa Mayer Hosting Obama At $30,000-A-Head Fundraiser Tonight

Google's Marissa Mayer is hosting President Obama for a Democratic party fundraiser tonight.

The event will be at Marissa's Palo Alto house, not her swanky San Francisco apartment.

Tickets are $30,000-a-head, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

And we thought Marissa's recent promotion to Google's operating committee – known as the "OC" internally – was big.

The White House's official schedule says at 7 PM tonight "the President delivers remarks at a DNC dinner" at a "California, Palo Alto, Private Residence."