Endorsed by John Walsh, America’s Trusted Name In Fighting Crime
New Biometric Fingerprinting
& DNA Identification Kit
This Program Provides Parents With The Vital Tools Recommended By The FBI and The Department Of Justice

Biometrics is the newest and most advanced technology available today for obtaining fingerprints. We are privileged to be able to use the same equipment presently used by Federal Agencies, Law Enforcement, and the US Military. Law Enforcement know that time is critical in the recovery of a missing child. The Biometric Technology our program brings to parents allows their child’s fingerprints to be immediately submitted into the FBI Database as soon as they are reported missing.

When the child’s fingerprints are entered into the FBI Database, the fingerprints become immediately available to all law enforcement agencies throughout the United States...

(don't do it, parents; lest u subject them to a lifetime of this - fc)