Thursday, October 07, 2010

360 Biometrics has announced it has delivered to the Meru Cab Company in India a biometric solution intended to help manage cab driver identity as well as improve customer service.

The solution 360 Biometrics has provided Meru consists of their own PersonID platform integrated with IT software developer Oracle’s CRM software to help the system manage the life cycle of an employee starting with recruitment and training.

As the Meru company has more than 5,000 drivers in its employ, the Person ID solution is being used to better identify which drivers are working where and, subsequently, to track which ones violate certain company or customer service policies.

Additionally, as driver’s guilty of serious enough infractions against customer service are fired and blacklisted by the company, the new system is expected to help them identify driver’s who have previously been blacklisted and may be trying to use fraudulent identification to work for Meru again...