Accenture (ACN 45.56, -0.02, -0.04%) unveiled a new large scale biometric identity matching solution today at Biometrics 2010 designed to help public service agencies accurately verify the identity of individuals, whether for the purposes of detecting potential national security threats or for improving the delivery of government assistance programs and social services to eligible citizens.

Accenture's Large Scale Matching Solution enables the timely and accurate identification of individuals while reducing the costs of identity assurance. The solution is able to de-duplicate all available identity data including biographic and, if available, biometric data. It is highly secure, flexible, built on proven, open standards, and scalable when deployed to a cloud platform.

"As civil identity and national security continue to be high priorities for many countries, we know how critical it is to deliver an optimum large scale matching solution for governments," said Ger Daly, managing director Accenture's global border management and public safety industry group. "Accenture has built some of the largest biometric matching systems in the world and we put that knowledge and experience to work in developing a solution that can quickly be customized for different government applications."

In addition to supporting border management agencies, large scale matching can also help citizens access a variety of government services more quickly and efficiently. Accenture's large scale matching approach is a key component of the "virtual labor markets" developed in Germany and France. These systems feature search and match capabilities to link worker profiles with the requirements of open jobs to more efficiently match job seekers with job offers.

Another program featuring Accenture's large scale matching approach is the "Aadhaar" program launched in 2010 by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The goal of the program -- the largest of its kind in the world -- is to provide each Indian resident with a unique identification number to enable easier, more efficient and secure access to government and commercial services...

(when it comes to tagging us all like cows, nobody is better than Accenture. this is how they seduce us: promises of more efficient services, quicker entitlements, and better access to better jobs... then they mention the security benefits, i.e. rfid tags for everyone. thankfully, giant corporations are providing us with "solutions" to our problems -fc)