Paris Hilton's arrest a week ago in Las Vegas still has people talking.
The latest controversy seems to stem from a picture the heiress tweeted earlier this summer.
Miss Hilton, as you may remember, told cops she'd borrowed the purse that an officer said contained a small amount of cocaine when she and her boyfriend, Cy Waits, were stopped last Friday.
That's where the Twitpic comes into play.
Turns out Hilton posted a picture of a bag that looks identical to the one in question, along with this quote: "Love My New Chanel Purse I got Today." That was back on the 15th of July.
There's been no word on this development from the socialites's camp.
Anonymous scottc said...
are you getting the message? do not use twitter, facebook or anything of the sort. do not post personal info online. it will be used against you.

stop being stupid. stop giving them everything they want and need. you already give them a map of your movements via your cell phone.

don't give yourself away.

final warning.